I have made music my life and my life has made my music. Music is the only language understood by any and everybody any and everywhere. What a thrill it has been to be able to convey every depth and facet of my existence in music across all boundaries. Thank you for sharing my life of music with me.

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“All of Muhler's compositions are like little journeys, road trips that twist and turn and reward listeners with surprises around every corner.”

-Paul Liberatore
Marin Independent Journal

“The product of Muhler’s collective efforts are great musical conversations that are lyrical, haunting, and inviting to all of the audience.”

- Mark McLeod
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Other Worlds

Other Worlds

Eric Muhler
Recorded 1986 - Re-released 2008
Other Worlds - Eric Muhler

Recorded at Berkeley’s Fantasy Studios on the incredible nine foot Yamaha grand piano, this was my first outing on solo piano and is many people’s favorite rendition of my work. Featuring eight original compositions, three of which are completely improvised, the album features a sparseness and minimalism that I haven’t indulged as much since. With CD cover art shot by my ten-year-old daughter Zoë in the Galapagos Islands, the music is definitely from an “Other World” I was privileged to visit.


Eric Muhler - Solo Piano


Starting - 5:55
The Liberation of Angelina - 9:54
Commodo Fanta Sees - 7:08
The Magus - 6:03
Sun & Clouds - 8:53
New Spring - 9:46
Galapagos - 8:22
Slow Turn - 4:41

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