I have made music my life and my life has made my music. Music is the only language understood by any and everybody any and everywhere. What a thrill it has been to be able to convey every depth and facet of my existence in music across all boundaries. Thank you for sharing my life of music with me.

Press & Reviews

“All of Muhler's compositions are like little journeys, road trips that twist and turn and reward listeners with surprises around every corner.”

-Paul Liberatore
Marin Independent Journal

“The product of Muhler’s collective efforts are great musical conversations that are lyrical, haunting, and inviting to all of the audience.”

- Mark McLeod
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Featured Content


Live at Yoshi's SF - May 23rd, 2012 - Zoma

Video of Zoma featuring Zoë Muhler & Matthew Wickett from our 2012 show at Yoshi's SF


Check out Marc VW (Van Wageningen) on bass, Phil Hawkins on drums, and myself E.Muhler playing piano.

Zoma was composed by Zoë Muhler, Eric Muhler, and includes J.S. Bach's Prelude in C Major


Live at Yoshi's SF - May 23, 2012 - Is Wayne Shorter Than Me?

Video of the encore from our May, 2012 show at Yoshi's SF


Check out Marc VW (Van Wageningen) on bass, Phil Hawkins on drums, and myself E.Muhler playing piano.

Is Wayne Shorter Than Me? is a Dave Creamer composition  


New Music Works 

Since healing from spinal fusion surgery and throat cancer I’ve been inspired to start writing new music, in new styles, and to rediscover my classical piano music and blues roots. Check out these work-in-progress recordings and see and hear what I’ve been up to.


Cadence - 6:02


My Classical Side

One of the “miracles” of my recuperation has been the opportunity to rediscover my musical roots in both classical music and the blues. In Berkeley, California, my childhood teacher, Jolan Kanyuk, taught Liszt technique from the Budapest Conservatory and steeped me in Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Debussey, Liszt, and many others. Relearning this repertoire has been a thrill and a reminder that it’s all music, no matter the style. It all gets improvised in the brain first, written later, and gives the performer a marvelous high-dive platform to jump off into the joys of improvisation.


Bach Italian Concerto - 4:22

Schumann Romanze - 3:08

Liszt Romanze 3 - 5:33

Chopin Waltz Opus 9 Nr 2 - 3:49

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